Peace Corps Timeline

Listed below is my timeline in the Peace Corps Nomination Process. If you have any questions please comment below and I will try to respond to your question as soon as I can.
Application Submitted: January 2009

Peace Corps Interview: March 2009
I was notified that all programs were filled for April, May, and June 2009. I should notify my recruiter the following month to reactivate my application if I am still interested in pursuing the Peace Corps.

Nominated: April 2009
   Original Nomination:
   Program: Information and Computer Technology
   Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
   Tentative Date of Departure: June 2010

Medical Kit Received: May 2009 

Legal Clearance: January 2010
Completed Medical Paperwork (1st Time):  December 2009
     Medically Declined: April 2010
     Appealed Decision: May 2010

Dental Clearance: February 2011

Submitted Deferral Requirements: February 2011

Resubmitted Additional Medical Paperwork: March 2011

Medical Clearance: March 2011

Placement Interview: April 2011

Invitation Kit: April 2011

Updated Medical Clearance: July 2011 (Received Yellow Fever Vaccination)

I will be headed to Botswana this Summer!


Jocelyn said...

Wow it took you two years!!?! Is that normal??

iogburu said...

No, on average the application process can take between six to 12 months. It is normally recommended to apply the year before you would like to join.


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