Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So You Want to Save the World

Note: This post was sparked by a twitter comment by my friend, I hope you find it entertaining and useful 

After learning about the awesome experiences of Peace Corps, you have realized that you too would like to save the world. This task isn't easy, it's probably as hard as taking over the world. (Even Pinky and the Brain have yet to figure out this feat) But I applaud your efforts for realizing that the world needs to be saved. Some of you reading this post may be thinking, "how can the entire world need to saved?" Well there is pollution, homelessness, poverty, and the crying child who wants candy. Why you might ask, well we are all a part of this world and sometimes in our lives we find that we need someone to save us. Saving can come as donating, smiling at another person, a hug, listening, volunteering, etc. We can all make this world a better place by actively participating in it and helping one another. It's that easy. And I bet you thought this blog post would be extremely long. No sir, you too can start now at helping to save the Earth. So what is stopping you?


Monday, August 15, 2011

Why I Joined the Peace Corps

Telling other people that I have joined the Peace Corps have caused many reactions. Some that I have not anticipated, and others that have been really receptive. I have a wonderful career as a Software Engineer, and I can understand why to some this change can be surprising so I thought I write this post.