Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Botswana Top 5 Items to Pack #4

Item #4: A reminder to focus on the people

This idea/item was instilled upon my heart by my friend's father. While there may be many things going on concerning the politics of a country, it is important that I remain steadfast and focus on the people. I joined the Peace Corps because I am a humanitarian and I enjoy helping other people. This can be easily forgotten while I am away as it is a known fact that volunteering for 2 years will be an interesting challenge. No wonder a tagline you often hear associated with Peace Corps is "The Hardest Job You'll Ever Love."  It is important to have a base or idea that I can look to in order to be reminded of why I originally joined the Peace Corps. This will be helpful when I need motivation or courage to overcome a challenge. That reminder will be that very advice I was given, which is to focus on the people.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Botswana Top 5 Items to Pack #5

As I prepare for my journey to Botswana, I have discovered five important items that will be necessary for me to pack. Each of these items will come in handy when working with other people, but most importantly, these items will be a consistent reminder of why I have always wanted to do Peace Corps.

Item #5: No Assumptions

When I think of my time in Botswana, my mind draws a blank. After being differed from the Peace Corps, my dream of serving was slowly dwindling. However, due to my strong resilience I finished out my deferral and reactivated my application. Being selected for Botswana has been a blessing, and as I research about the culture and learn about the language, I have promised myself to not bring any assumptions. That means no assumptions of the people, my project, or anything of that nature. These next two years will be an adventure for me, and as I live each moment the blank I currently have in my mind will be filled with sweet memories.

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